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Virtual Online Coaching

TickYES Bruce, I want in! Please send me an audio message solving my frustrating problem that I'll submit on the next page for the special introductory price of only $97.

I want to use the coaching I receive from you to improve my life.

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New Proven Coaching Formula Eliminates Problems And Delivers You Results
In Just Minutes - 100% Guaranteed...

Dear friend,

If you're like a lot of other frustrated success seekers...

  • Your bank account is almost empty and it's beginning to stress your relationship...
  • You've reached a plateau or hurdle in your business that you just can't get past...
  • The know about the Law Of Attraction, but it isn't working well for the BIG things...
  • AND for the life of you, you can't figure out what you are doing wrong..

Am I close?

Now, for the first time ever, you can now get me to personally coach you and help you resolve a frustrating area of your life in a truly unique new way…

How Does Virtual Online Coaching Work?

STEP 1: On the next page, you ask me any question you like about a problem you're having.

STEP 2: I'll read it, strategize my very BEST solution, and then...

STEP 3: I'll personally record you an audio message (like a supercharged voicemail) with my very best strategy to solve your problem. I'll e-mail you the recording within 5 business days (and often within 24 hours).

I guarantee that my audio message will be in plain simple English, and jam packed with useful, practical advice that you can apply right away – the absolute best strategy I can offer you.

It's the fastest, most efficient way for you to get over a hurdle you've been struggling with, without paying $500/hour like my mentoring clients do.

“Why Virtual Online Coaching Is A Smart Idea For You?”

  • You'll Get An Educated, Proven Answer - Fast: Staying stuck is dumb. Why endure pain longer than you need to? In 24 hours from now you could have your problem solved.
  • My Golden Nuggets Only Rule: Because your Virtual Online Coaching audio message is rapid fire, you're getting only the distilled, best core information you need to take action. Virtual Online Coaching is "Golden Nuggets Only" coaching - no fluff allowed!
  • You Get 'Easy To Use' Advice: 'How to' advice is the most practical advice in my opinion because its easy to use - you just follow a simple sequence of steps.
  • You're More Likely To Succeed: You get to keep the recording I make you, upload it to your phone or iPod and listen to it over and over. This will MASSIVELY increase your retention of the information I share with you and your likelihood of successfully applying it.
  • Outrageous Value At A Stupid Price: You get all my years of knowledge and experience in business, personal development and relationships for a ridiculously affordable price (and a lot less than my regular coaching clients pay).

What Kind Of Advice Can I Expect To Get, Bruce?

Unlike other teachers and trainers, who hold back their best information and make you buy another session before they reveal their secret, I have only one concern – giving you value.

I realize that 'how-to' information is the most valuable kind of information, so the kind of advice I give is going to be practical, insightful and more importantly – proven to work.

Here's what you can expect to get from me:

  • Insights that you probably would not have thought of by yourself
  • Blind spots revealed that you didn't even know you had
  • The exact next steps to take to resolve your issue fast
  • Useful resources to use to get the outcome you want fast
  • Techniques and exercises to help you get unstuck fast

If you're ready to get unstuck, click here to book a Virtual Online Coaching session with me now.

Get Priceless Advice Next To Nothing...

I charge $500/hour for one-on-one mentoring and my clients usually ALL write me heartfelt thank you notes saying how impactful my help has been for them.

However, I'm doing a trial run of this online coaching solution, so I'm not going to charge you anywhere near that…

For a short time only, and because I'm testing this thing, you can get a personalized answer from me to your biggest frustration for only $97! Yes, you read that correctly.

You're going to get my YEARS of experience working on your issue and my very best advice condensed into an audio recording that you can listen to multiple times whenever you need to.

For less than the price of a romantic dinner at a nice restaurant, you can get your problem solved and question answered once and for all, you'll need to take ACTION now.

Special Bonus (Value $50)

Show Me The Money Order Virtual Online Coaching today and I'll throw in this brand new interview with me on the Inner Game of success and money. In it you'll learn:

* The 3 mindsets
that sabotage all your wealth creation efforts
* The 5 levels of personal growth (in great detail) and where you are
* A key to having all your relationships be loving and satisfying

This is one of my very best trainings ever and you can download it as an .mp3 on the next page.

All you need to do is click on the big orange "Add To Shopping Cart" button now and I'll begin working on a solution to your problem on the the next page...

Virtual Online Coaching

TickYES Bruce, I want in! Please send me an audio message solving my frustrating problem that I'll submit on the next page for the special introductory price of only $97.

I want to use the coaching I receive from you to improve my life.

Have your credit card handy and click the big orange "Add To Shopping Cart" button below to access Virtual Online Coaching now.

Add To Cart: Virtual Online Coaching ($97)
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Here's My 100% Satisfaction, No Questions Asked, All Your Money Back Guarantee

I'm totally committed to you being another one of my thrilled customers. Nothing gives me more joy.

So, if for whatever reason you're not completely happy with this service or I can't answer your question to your satisfaction, then just let me know and I'll refund you ALL your money – no questions asked. Also, I promise that I'll answer your question within 5 business days at the most (often within 24 hours) – or your money back.

My Best Friends Think I've Lost The Plot!

In fact, one of them recently said to me, "What the f#$* are you doing selling your time so cheaply, Bruce?"

If I were doing this only for the money, he'd have a valid argument, but I'm not. I genuinely want to help you. There are few things that bring me more joy than being able to help my clients succeed.

So there you have it. You really have nothing to lose and everything to gain... Virtual Online Coaching really is the simplest, most affordable way for you to get unstuck.

If you're done with having...

  • the same bank balance at the end of each month,
  • the same uninspiring relationship (if you even have one),
  • the same frustrating question...
  • and you want to break free from the rut you're in...

Book your Virtual Online Coaching now.

You have a 100% money back guarantee to fall back on if you are not satisfied for any reason... I recommend you grab it now, before this crazy deal ends.

I look forward to helping you live your best life.

Your partner in success,


P.S. If you're still struggling with some aspect of your finances, relationships or manifesting the life you've always dreamed of, now is the time to get help. Let me help you and you'll be glad you did.

P.P.S. You have nothing to lose, because if for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with my answer to your question, I'll refund you in full – no questions asked.
Click here to book your Virtual Online Coaching session now.

“I've learned more from you exponentially in just the 3 months that I've known you than I have learned in my entire life!”

Cal EmersonLeading by example, you've helped me apply concepts to my life that were once just a dream.

I've accomplished so many of my lifelong goals as a result of your coaching that I've had to create more just to keep up with myself.

Bruce, I've learned more from you exponentially in just the 3 months that I've known you than I have learned in my entire life!

I'm truly loving life, and I thank you for being who you are!

Cal Emerson, USA,

“Better Than Tony Robbins!”

Catherine JardotI have to agree with your web-page; having you (by our sides) answering all our questions was definitively priceless – better than Tony Robbins!

I'm still processing all the emotions you helped me move, smiling to myself and to the world - so much personal growth.

The team is so different now, we are all in our heart and it feels FANTASTIC! AND we made so much progress in our business.

Just 2 words: Thank you, from the bottom of my heart (oh crap - that's more than 2)
Catherine Jardot, Turks And Caicos Islands

“Bruce's ideas are game-changers...”

Shawn StevensonWhat's needed more than anything to help you get to the next level is someone who will be completely direct and honest with you...

Bruce's ideas are game-changers, and he doesn't hold back in letting you know where you're missing out on the biggest opportunities in your life AND what to do about it.

He's helped me to take action on opportunities that I easily would have missed, and as a result I'm now being featured in almost twice as many interviews for my new book!

Thank you Bruce for your honesty and hard work.
Shawn Stevenson, USA,

“I'm inspired by your honesty...”

Antonia DodgeBruce, your coaching always helps me see things from a new frame so the obvious solution becomes more and more clear.

I'm inspired by your honesty (even the brutal bits), and your clear desire to always be in integrity.

I love that you won't let the people around you NOT be in integrity. Also, you drink coconuts on a beach in the Caribbean whenever you want, which makes you my hero.
Antonia Dodge, USA,

“I finally have new direction...”

DominicI have been a fan of Bruce's e-mails, so I finally decided to contact him and get him to personally to help me out with some issues I was having.

Bruce really got to the root of what I was dealing with and in just 1 month, I finally have new direction, and have put together a plan of what I REALLY want to achieve for ME!! And not for any one else.

I cannot recommend Bruce enough. He is a true master of his trade and is genuinely a nice guy that wants you to succeed.
Domonic Ricciardi, U.K.

“The result? More money...”

GiovanniI'm so grateful to have Bruce as one of my most trusted advisors for the last two years.

He is a beacon for integrity in the world. One simple insight he shared with me led me to significantly restructure my business. The result? More money, yes.

But even more important - I'm now living my dream lifestyle and serving the world at a much higher level. Bruce, thank you.
Giovanni Cavalieri, USA,

“Your answers were
totally perfect for me...”

Dr. Sue BarleyWow Bruce.  Thank you very much for your answer to my questions.  I had to laugh when listening to your answers – they were totally perfect for me!!! 
Dr. Sue Barley, New Zealand,

“Because of your coaching I feel powerful...”

Jaime Kessel Since you coached me how to take responsibility for the disempowered business relationships I had created, I have successfully ended two partnerships leaving everyone involved feeling respected, understood, and open to doing business again in the future.

Because of your coaching I feel powerful when approaching challenging business situations and have increased confidence in my own ability to run my business successfully.

Thanks Bruce. You Rock
Jaime Kessel, Canada,

“In just minutes Bruce was able to
unravel all the distracting junk...”

Spencer Shaw

There are few people in this world that are 100% authentic who are clear and concise... Bruce Muzik is one of those few.

I had the privilege of spending time with Bruce where he helped me uncover one of the core blocks in my life which was finding out what my main purpose as a business owner was.

In just a couple minutes he was able to unravel all the distracting junk and find what I was best at and give me a vision of how I can let my talents shine to the world.

I will be forever grateful for his talent and help that has helped me be the star that I am.

Since our first conversation, I have spoken on stage numerous times with pure confidence, led groups on teachings, and felt more fulfilled than ever.

Bruce, you are an amazing man, I love your message, talent, and who you are so very much.
Spencer Shaw, USA

“The stress & struggle disappeared!
Thanks Bruce!”

JonniIn just a quick phone session with Bruce Muzik, I learned a powerful distinction which automatically changed my beliefs and made me change my behavior without even thinking about it. The stress & struggle literally disappeared! Thanks Bruce!
Jonni La Force, USA,

“You instilled in me a
confidence and professionalism”

DavidGreetings Bruce, I wanted to take this opportunity to express my deep appreciation and thanks for the Business Coaching I recently received from you.

You instilled in me a confidence and professionalism that our team was lacking, along with a vision and approach for our business development.

I can highly recommend your training / coaching, either in person or online to anyone who wants to build their business or grow their business and increase their professional presence. David
David McCallister, Turks And Caicos Islands,

“It worked!”

Chelsea O'BrianI took a step back and realized I had implemented everything you suggested - and it worked!

My mounting debts, my tumbling business partnership, the drama with my old relationship... when I took charge of things in the ways you suggested - to design my life, to get clear on what I wanted and then allow it to come into my reality - it actually happened.

Thank you, Bruce, for the power you helped me find within myself.
Chelsea O'Brian, Virgin Islands,

“I LOVE this new coaching service you've got...”

Todd SedelmeierBruce, Home run once again! Out of the park.

30 mins ago I was spiralling into self-doubt, apathy and getting myself totally confused. As usual, within 3 minutes of telling you what was happening, I was already juiced-up and clear on keeping it simple.

Not only that but even though I asked for just one of your 2 minute pep talks you gave me a whole plan, demo-ed exactly how to do it AND you gave me a a recording so I can take notes and break it down.

You so ROCK! Like I said the other day… I have NEVER met, let alone had the privilege to get coaching from, someone quite like you. You really do walk the walk and give me the no BS insights, advice and how-to to get back on track and kick ass!

I've read 100s of self-help books and spent thousands on business and personal development courses and I so wish I would have met you 5 or 10 years ago – it would have saved me a lot of time and money.

I LOVE this new coaching service you've got. It's just what I need in small bits that give me HUGE leaps forward every time. Thanks for doing what you do! With love,
Todd Sedelmeier, Dominican Republic,

Virtual Online Coaching

TickYES Bruce, I want in! Please send me an audio message solving my frustrating problem that I'll submit on the next page for the special introductory price of only $97.

I want to use the coaching I receive from you to improve my life.

Have your credit card handy and click the big orange "Add To Shopping Cart" button below to access Virtual Online Coaching now.

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My Lawyer Insists I Make The Following Disclaimer: I am not a qualified financial advisor. You agree to consult a qualified financial advisor before you implement any of the advice you may receive in my coaching message. Any financial advice you receive or infer from my coaching is to be considered for entertainment purposes only. That means that you agree to take full responsibility for the way you use it.
I am not a qualified psychologist or psychotherapist. Any personal advice you receive from me is to be considered strictly for entertainment purposes only. By purchasing this service, you agree not to hold Bruce Muzik, Designer Life (UK) Ltd or any of its employees or contractors responsible for any results you get or don't get as a result of applying or not applying the advice you receive.